How to find the Bishopdale Estate

The Bishop’s Suites
Bishopdale Estate
221-225 Waimea Road
Nelson 7011
New Zealand
Tel +64 3 539 0061

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Directions – how to get here

From town drive towards Stoke on Waimea Road for about 4 kilometres. You will pass a large Caltex Service Station on your left.

About 100 yards further is the entrance to the Bishop’s Suites. Slide into the slip lane on the left and drive up towards the gates.

Stop about 20 feet from the gates, staying as close to the right as possible. The gates will open automatically.

Similarly, on the way out stay as close to the right as possible and stop 20 feet from the gates – they will open automatically.

There is an override on the gates between 8pm and 8am. During this time you will need to punch in the weekly code. This can be obtained from Peter or Mary.


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